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All About Parrotlets - Information and Tips

Parrotlets love toys!


Parrotlets are known to be the worldest tiniest parrot with the huge personality! They are small in size but are true parrots. Parrotlets are acrobatic, beautiful, comical, curious and intelligent. These little parrots can learn to talk and are capable of developing a very loving bond with their owner. Parrotlets' inability to scream make them a highly desirable pet. These adaptable birds are known to live past twenty years.

Parrotlets spend most of their day playing with toys, hanging upside down or eating. They will not scream all day while you are gone but they do get excited when you come home!

Parrotlets have quite the appetite, they eat more than cockatiels do eventhough they are smaller! They enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables as well.

It is best to have their wings clipped so they cannot fly around only downward. Take your parrotlet to a vet and have them do it. You can also learn tips from them like how many feathers to cut and how to hold them. Once you have learn, it is very easy and beneficial. A unclipped parrotlet can always fly away from you during training sessions or if it doesn't want to go back in its cage! A clipped parrotlet won't be as independent and usually will trust and need you more.

Less than six inches in length, they are quite fearless. Although parrotlets are small they do have a powerful beak! Parrotlets are very territorial and will attack other species of birds or even dogs and other pets.

It is best to always supervise your parrotlet when out of its cage. Many will hide under beds, blankets or clothes and since they are so little it can be hard to find them! Parrotlets love to sit on your shoulder and snuggle in your hair, some even like to sit in your shirt pocket!

Parrotlets can be cute and comical to watch but can become untame and bite. They need to be handled and played with everyday. Training your parrotlet makes them easier to love. A ten minute training session everyday will help with their aggression and also remind them you are in charge!

Parrotlets love toys!

  1. A happy bird is a busy bird. If you aren't going to be able to spend a lot of time with your parrotlet it is best to get two. They will have each other to eat, play, preen and hang with.
  2. Whenever approaching or dealing with a parrotlet, act calmly and quietly. Fast movements and loud noises alert parrotlets and make them nervous. Do not approach a bird unexpectedly with quick movements as this will scare it.
  3. Get the parrotlet used to your hands and fingers. When you are trying to get the parrotlet to step onto your hand or finger, raise your hand to the abdomen from below and encourage it to step onto you. Putting your hand over its head will make it nervous as if you are trying to catch it.
  4. A parrotlet cannot be housebroken. A damp cloth or tissue usually takes care it.
  5. Never leave a parrotlet alone with another pet or a child under the age of 12. Even if a dog is gentle and calm it could hurt the parrotlet by trying to play with it. Parrotlet can be aggressive and even attack other pets. So supervision is best!
  6. A busy bird is a happy bird. Provide lots of toys and things to chew. Rearranging the inside of the cage and rotating toys keeps parrotlets alert. The same perch arrangement and toys can lead to boredom. New things are appreciated.
  7. Offer a variety of foods. Seeds, pellets, millet all are a great start. Learn all the different fruits and vegetables your parrotlet can have. Then offer them to your bird and watch it enjoy its favorite ones. Springs of flaxseed and jumbo millet are also great nutritional snacks.
  8. Parrotlets love swings. They prefer to sit on them than perches. But you should keep perches in the cage so they have the option.
  9. Clean your parrotlet's cage regularly. This prevents disease. Don't use regular house cleaning products around your parrotlet. Hot water and apple cider vinegar work great. Change the paper everyday. Wipe down the cage and dry it once a week. Then once a month take everything out, scrub and wash it all very well then dry it. This is a great time to arrange the perches and food dishes differently. Add some new toys and both you and your parrotlet(s) are happy.
  10. Be patient with your parrotlet. It may need time to get used to new things and new people. Observe your parrotlet. You will then become accustomed to their behavior patterns and see their personality develop. Parrotlets can become lovable, tame and trusting companions. It may take time and work but the end result is a great and rewarding one!

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